My general focus in my sessions is to create steps for the person to change their behaviour and establish bridges to reach their goals. The recipes that I suggest can be prepared easily and practically, ensuring that my clients do not feel that they are dieting and they can have different options for healthy living.


Lose weight, stay in ideal weight, create healthy eating behaviours is not only possible with a “calorie restriction” diet. We need to have a good awareness of our subconscious minds for ideal weight management and we should analyse the relation between our nutrition and our feelings as well. Therefore, I use a holistic theory which enables us to perceive body, mind and spirit as a whole in all our sessions. The main goals of the sessions are to increase the self-confidence, happiness and energy of my clients. Also, I ensure the awareness of their power of mind management and therefore they can manage the nutrition and psychology management together.

It is very important that the nutrition program for successful weight management is tailored to the person's blood findings, social life and work life. Therefore, before the first session, I require a full blood test that my clients can obtain from their GP to understand the biochemical findings (cholesterol, iron, triglyceride etc.) which are necessary for weight management. I also require my clients to fill in a one-week nutritional consumption form to drastically examine their eating habits and provide a long-lasting solution.Through my consumption form, I provide a nutrition program that includes options suitable for the taste of the person instead of standard nutrition and unhealthy options.


After analysing the nutrients, and identifying problems that are causing the person to lose or gain weight, whatever is the issue, I require them to send plate photographs online to check portion sizes.


In the first session to measure body composition such as body fat, bone, muscle (Tanita Innerscan Segmental Body Composition Monitor Scale) At the same time, I measure regional fat ratios, meadows and waist regions with the skinfold tool. I use my physiological analysis. In order to control the progress and increasing motivation, I liaise with them over the telephone every day. In the first session, we focus on existing eating problems and try to find the reasons that cause them.

I am passionate about motivating change. With a rare dual perspective combining academic expertise and clinical experience, I am adept at providing a link between scientific research and practical application, bringing authority and compassion to my consultation. 

Together we can be changemakers, each acting in our unique way to feel more fulfilled and transform this into a more just world where EVERYBODY can feel respected.