• Find 'food freedom' and learn to address what drives your eating behaviour

  • Let go of diet thinking: stop dieting/ yo-yo dieting, or thinking you 'should' be dieting

  • Let go of guilt around 'forbidden foods'

  • Learn to Eat Mindfully

  • Become more accepting of your body

Face to face Consultation

Kadın Kullanımı Bilgisayar

Do you have difficulty in making time to come to an appointment?

Do you live a long distance away from any of the consulting rooms?


You can now make an appointment with our nutritionist online via SkypeTM.

Skyping is a great way to save on travel costs and to keep in regular touch with your nutritionist from the comfort of your home or office. 




Home visits are for those tricky times when you need the nutritionist to come to you. This is a great way to have a consultation as well as a full pantry/fridge audit to understand where the challenges lie for you.

The home visit can also cover cooking demonstrations, meal planning, recipes, etc.

This service will be designed specifically for your needs.

Home ​Visit


Sabah kahvesi


I regularly contribute to health magazine articles and online blogs, helping to spread the word about real healthy eating, while dispelling nutrition myths with science-backed nutrition facts.

Health Article Writing


Workshops have a special issue,  during the weight management program, the most important point to get behavior change for eating habits,  so I

mention how can you change your behavior, healthy recipe, healthy snack choices, sports nutrition, all about nutrition.


I love any opportunity to talk to groups of people, whether it is school mums, competitive karate team, management teams.



If you belong to a group who would like some inspiration and motivation to eat better, book workshop, learn more.!

Public Speaking & Workshops

İş grubu

Get your employees healthy, happy and productive! 

Think your employees, if they feel healthy they will be more productive! If employees dont have any time to come nutrition clinic,  that provide seminars and workshops for employees.


Talks cover a wide range of nutrition related topics that provide staff with the practical information needed to start changing health, wellbeing and productivity for the better!


Nutrition workshops are a great way to get your staff engaged and inspired. During this service, if anybody want to have one to one consultant we manage in the workplace.